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At the tip of Denmark

Angling trips from Sydvestkajen

M/S SeaHawk, seaservice@live.dk
Sea fishing - North Sea, The Yellow Reef, etc.

We are specialists in arranging trips to deep sea fishing. With the fast catamaran boat M/S SeaHawk we are quickly on the fishing grounds and achieve the most fishing time. We offer all kinds of fishing trips:

  • Evening tours along the coast
  • Day trips eg. to The Yellow Reef
  • Fishing trips with overnight stays or weekend to the Norwegian and Swedish coasts

Fast and inexpensive. Prices starts from 600 DKK - for everyone to join. We offer rental of fishing rods, fishing wheels, etc. And of course you can buy various equipment such as jigs, snoods and bait rails on board.

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Offering different fishing trips on our ships M/S Albatros 1 and M/S Skagerrak at the seas of Hirtshals.

Booking tour schedule or sailing call time: 16.00-19.00 on +45 23 26 13 66

Company call time: 08.00-16.00 at +45 40 32 42 77

M/S Albatross 1
9850 Hirtshals

By Hans Rejnert Jensen
Nejstdalen 5
9850 Hirtshals

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